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ABAP Programs Station

ABAP/4 is the language created by SAP AG for implementation and customization of their R/3 system.

The rough English translation of the acronym would be A Business Application Programming language, version 4.

It is a block-structured language that seems to me to most resemble a cross between Oracle's PL/SQL and IBM's PL/I.

Listed here are some useful abap program which you could used for your own programming reference.  Test the abap programs on your developers first before tranporting it to your production system.
Abap Program  Abap Program Descriptions
abapdelete Mass delete ABAP Reports.  Useful if you have lots of unwanted ABAP reports to clean up. 
ringsthebell Rings the bell on a users PC, not very useful, but a good example of running a  remote program on a frontend machine.
tableinformation This ABAP program displays SAP table information in a report form so that downloading and searching can be performed easily. An extension to SE11. 
tablecontrolexample A simple ABAP program that demonstrates how to program SAP table control. Screenshots of various screen painter windows are included. 
preventstwicerun Prevents two copies of the same program running at the same time.
checkbasisjobs Program to check if the Basis Jobs are scheduled OK.
longprogramcollect Detects long-running ABAP programs - collector.
alvgridcontrol How to used the ALV grid control.
abap programming Cool ABAP site

The below ABAP Books can be bought from the internet retailer
ABAP Programming: A Guide to the Certification Course
ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications with CDROM
ABAP Objects Reference Book
Java and BAPI Technology for SAP
Professional VB SAP R/3 Programming
SAP R/3 Data Integration Techniques using ABAP/4 and Visual Basic
Writing SAP ABAP/4 Programs
SAP Smart Forms

SAP ABAP Forum for ABAP Professional